Nomophobia : The war between studying and mobile addiction

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let's get back to the point

today , our topic is gonna discuss how to get rid of mobile phone addiction while ? studying , working or generally in our daily life

first of all , i'm gonna talk to you about certain ways to get rid of phone addiction while studying

that problem faces the majority of students

we found that usually when any student gets bored of studying , he would just run to his phone seeking for an entertainment

he would grab his phone and just keep wasting time doing worthless things with it

I'm gonna tell you what actually you would probably be doing with your phone while studying

, when you are about to start studying

you would find yourself sitting there calling your friend to talk about who won the "PUBG" or "FORTNITE" game

or you would open up instagram and watch all the stories on it even if they reached a hundred story , you are gonna keep tracking them one by one

? or you would open up facebook and check how many likes are there on the last post

and how many love reacts you have got for the pic you took at Dandy Mall standing in front of the Christmas tree ? :D

or you would be texting over a hundred of your friends at the same time on WhatsApp

because how dare you not texting them for an entire 30 minutes !? shame on you ! :D

or you would be keeping up with your friends tweets , talking with them about the fight you have last night when you were out

arguing about which one among you was guilty

and also chatting about the new movie at the cinema which all of you should go to watch

it goes on and on like that till the end of the day , wasting a lot of time

then you repeat the whole thing all over again the day after

that's called phone addiction and it's not just a normal regular use of it

again ..it's not a utilization , it's an addiction

don't you think i'm right, buddy ? :D

yes ma'am ,you're absolutely right

my friends even started calling me "Nomophobia" due to my frequent use of the phone

they just keep on calling me that all the time , is it considered as ?an insult , ma'am

no buddy it's not an insult , it's a serious disease that exists all "over the world and it's called "Nomophobia

The researchers diagnosed this disease for anyone who has an irrational fear of losing their phones or running out of battery

or anyone who is gonna be dealing with any kind of anxiety in case of being away from their phones

just like you , buddy

and here you have the rest of the symptoms which are related to that disease

hose who are suffering from headache ,insomnia and there is also what's called " tics neck" which affects those who keep their neck twisted all day long due to phone usage

do you hear what i'm saying ,buddy?

oh gosh , my neck hurts !

there's also what's called "Digital eye strain" which causes dryness of the eye and many other terrible things

so.. do you still want me to continue or that's enough for you !already

oh no please that's enough , i'm gonna throw my phone away

yaaay, that's my boy :D

now let's get back to our topic

you have been used to hold the phone for a long time Whether a reason exists or not , and that's a dangerous thing which you should start controlling

?but how can you control it

i'll tell you about some easy tips that would allow us to get rid of the phone addiction especially while studying

but before i get to that point , let's think together about what else you are using the phone for ? other than the social media

you might say : i use it as a calculator to solve Mathematical problems

or as a clock or an alarm

then let me suggest : how about taking a step back and try being an old fashioned ? :D

instead of the phone , why not using one of these ordinary calculators and alarms which are available and sold at the ?libraries

!stop making excuses

and if you just can't keep it out of your sight, you ca ask one of your family to help you

whether it's your dad , mom, bother ,sister or anyone who would take it away from you then gives it back when you have a break

but i'm really hoping that you're gonna be that mature ,rational person who would take responsibility and do it on his own

but if there's is no way that you're gonna be able to keep the phone away and you can't just push yourself harder to resist it

you can download some applications which can be helpful through locking all the Apps on your phone for a certain period of time till you finish studying

and within seconds , i'll show you practically how can these applications make you forced not to open any other app on your phone while studying

the first application is called "off time"

once you download it , you can set the required time that you need to study

let's say for example , that you gonna study for 45 minutes

so all you need to do is setting that required time on the application then you turn off your phone

and if you tried to open up the phone again during that period of time that you have set or during these 45 minutes

you will hear what sounds like a siren sound in order to remind you that have already set a specific time to study and you shouldn't be distracting yourself with anything else

there are some other apps like : AppBlock and SocialLock

they lock all the apps which are related to social media on your phone and they also turn off all the notifications

among all of these Apps , there's an application called " Forest" which considered as the most famous

it works by determining how much time you have been locking your phone

every time you lock your phone for a long period , it would be like you're planting a tree on the App

as long as you're locking your phone for a sufficient long period of time every day , tree will continue to grow till a Forest is formed

In contrast, if you spend a lot of time on your phone , the trees would start dying and fading away

that's really a creative app , you should try it

i recommend you to try all of these Apps and see which one would suit you

generally , if you want to get rid of that phone addiction not only because you're a student but because you want that to be your life style

cause you may be a housewife or an Employee but you still also having that phone addiction problem

so if you really want to get rid of that addiction ,then you should pay attention to these 2 ways i'm gonna talk about now

you can turn off certain notifications for any app related to social media on your phone

let's take "facebook" as an example ,

and let's say i'm that kind of people who really cares about Dates of my friends' birthdays and other important events like a party or a colloquy

and it also matters to me knowing who send me a friend request and who shared my posts

therefor all i have to do is turn off any other notifications that i don't care about that much and allow only those which matter to me

and just like that , i won't see notifications that don't matter to me from facebook

and i won't be wasting my time on the phone

you can also mute worthless ,time wasting notifications from WhatsApp's groups like those of shopping groups

and you can also turn off instagram's notifications

it's really simple , all you have to do is to open up the setting of any application and choose which notifications to turn off and what to keep showing

applying that would really make a significant difference in your life

try it and i guarantee you that you won't be holding your phone the same rate as before

there's another way , you can try Setting a specific time of the day for checking social media

so , at the end of the day you can spend some time on facebook or instagram or any other social media app you like but only for that specific period of time that you already set

you can say , for example : i'll set only half an hour per day for checking social media

and if i break that rule i will give away 20 LE

it's another way which i'm currently using

and honestly, it worked out successfully with me and hugely impacted the way i live

also it Significantly decreased the time i was consuming for checking and going through social media per day

and that really saved me a lot of time i used to waste by just being there on social media without real purpose

those were some easy ways and tips to get rid of mobile addiction

and always keep in mind that the mobile is just a tool that you control and not the opposite

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